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By Destiny Denied

Hello everybody, today Pypys is introducing you his almost-twin brother, Byron Dustin Dennigut. They are very very similar each other, except for an anatomical detail you can easily guess, and a special aptitude to find himself in the right place at the wrong time and vice versa.

You can find Byron on By Destiny Denied pages, home of the stories of the quite unlucky but unsinkable chap.



Pypys Caged!Poor Pypys has been caged! Pypys’ Little Pages has most likely been flagged as mature. Well – this doesn’t come totally unespected, and maybe it’s a bit deserved, even if Pypys’ dad thinks that Pypys’ tricks could hardly be found offensive or sexually dangerous for anyone.

Anyway, this means that Pypys’ cartoons will not appear in topics, freshly pressed or tag search on WordPress. This means that¬† Pypys’ Little Pages will be harder to be reached, discovered, or stumbled upon by anyone, too. It will be difficult for Pypys to find new friends.

Therefore, little Pypys needs your support now! You kind subscribers, likers or even passers by, if you think that Pypys worth a chance, help spread the little chap over your contacts, social networks, friends and alikes.

Thank you all from your affectionate