Here comes Pypys!As already mentioned, Pypys is a nice, gentle, polite, charming, tender little character with quite a long dick and no idea about what to do with it. So, he invents a lot of fanciful activities with his not-so-little friend everyday.

Pypys is created and drawn by Marco Bigliazzi, who says about his new creature:

Pypys spammed

Pypys hates spammers

Since it seems that sex and stupidity are the driving forces on the internet, I guess that merging them together could give a terrific result. So, I set up this little blog of mine, PYPYS’ LITTLE PAGES, wich deals with a hotchpotch of both. It’s some kind of a scientific experiment: sex + stupidity = humor?

What do you think about this?


    • Marco Bigliazzi

      Hi happinessisnotadisease, a million thanks for the nomination! Once my dad will get to know 15 blogs maybe that day he may step inside the award game. Sincerely yours,

    • Marco Bigliazzi

      Hey, Pumpkin, Pypys and me are flattered by your extra-kind nomination! We are glad that someone out there appreciates our work. However, since we anren’t that much into this award thing, we prefer to thanki you with our imperishable gratitude, put the link to your awesome little blog among the links of Pypys’s friends, but not step into the award game. Thank you again and congratulations – you definitely deserve it.

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